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At Concierge Detox Los Angeles, we understand the importance of our clients’ privacy.



One-on-one personal attention in the comfort of your home or hotel. 


In a world full of options, Concierge Detox Los Angeles delivers cutting edge services that are distinctly different from other treatment facilities.  Concierge Detox Los Angeles utilizes a combination of a uniquely tailored approach to fit the individual needs of each client, coupled with the latest in evidence based psychological and medical treatment.



Our highly individualized treatment program is tailored to YOUR individual needs.   


Intensive Outpatient Addiction Treatment Programs (IOP)



Patients in Intensive Outpatient Addiction Treatment Programs (IOP) are participating in drug or alcohol rehabilitation services on a part-time schedule. This schedule still accommodates work and school obligations and is designed on a case by case basis.  A typical commitment will consist of 3-4 scheduled appointments with a Psychologists and several check-ins during the week. Appointments can be scheduled in person, in office or through video conferencing.


An IOP program is generally recommended for the following scenarios:


  • For treatment seekers who do not need medically supervised detox

  • Immediately following successful completion of detox

  • To allow clients to continue recovery therapies they learned and practiced.


IOPs generally have a heavy focus on therapy and psychoeducation around addiction. Issues on topics such as stated below will be explored:


  • Relapse Prevention Skills

  • How to Manage Urges and Cravings

  • Introduction to the 12 Steps

  • Understanding the Brain and Addiction

  • Post-Acute Withdrawal Syndrome (PAWS) Awareness

  • Co-Occurring Disorders

  • Anger and Stress Management

  • Codependency Education


Concierge Detox Los Angeles will help you create the right program to meet your individual needs. Due to the nature of the complexity of addiction it is recommended that a program be designed for a minimum of one month.



For Long Term Recovery From Drugs and Alcohol

Redefining the concept of drug and alcohol rehabilitation.

The Gluss Method is a collaborative approach working with team of physicians, psychotherapists, nurses, coaches and trainers to ensure optimal treatment success.

The Gluss Method utilizes a biopsychosocial approach to establish a strong foundation ensuring a path to recovery. 

Medical Interventions:


The focus of the medical intervention is to detox the body, maintain optimum health, and reduce cravings.  Medical interventions may include detailed medical evaluations, supplements, I.V. fluids, and medications.

Medical interventions are administered by private physicians and nursing services.

Psychological Interventions:

Psychological Interventions may include detailed psychological assessments and testing, crisis intervention, individual psychodynamic therapy, DBT Therapy, family and couple interventions, 12-Step Program, and life coaching.

Additional interventions may include physical and yoga therapy, meditation, and nutritional counseling.

All of our programs are designed to meet the individual needs of our clients.

Coaching Interventions:

Coaching interventions will be used to maximize an individual's motivational, inspirational and educational goals. Individuals will "chip away" at their goals of various aspects of their life, gaining the foundation needed for the purposeful life.



Dr. Raskin is a leading board certified internist and Diplomate of the American Board of Addiction Medicine in Pacific Palisades, California. Treating patients in his private practice since 1996, Dr. Raskin has earned a reputation for exceptional patient care and effective individualized treatment.

Director of Medical Services
Director of Psychological 

Today, through cutting edge and compassionate techniques, Dr. Raskin helps his patients maintain and regain their health.

Dr. Raskin contributes regularly to local and national television broadcasts.


Most recently he has appeared as a medical expert on Good Morning America and Nightline.


Dr. Mimi Shagaga is a Licensed Clinical Psychologist (PSY29319) based in Beverly Hills, CA.  She holds a Master's degree in Psychology with an emphasis in Marriage and Family Therapy and a Doctoral degree in Clinical Psychology.  She has completed advanced training in human sexuality and sex therapy and is currently in the process of completing a post-doctoral certification in neuropsychology.  



Clinical Psychologist

Dr. Shagaga's areas of focus include relationship issues, life transitions, sexual addiction, sex therapy, behavioral addictions, substance abuse, eating disorders, neurocognitive disorders, depression and anxiety.  Her published works include Through the Eyes of the Voyeur: The Lived Subjective Experience of Males Who Self-Identify as Sexual Addicts. She has been featured in Psychology Today, Romper, Voyage LA, Reader’s Digest, and as a panelist at several academic and mental health related conferences.  


Clinical Liaison

Lisagaye Tomlinson is a professional business partner and human resource leader based in Beverly Hills, CA. She holds a Bachelor's degree in Communication, a Master's degree in Business Administration, and she completed 60+ credit

Dr. Gluss is a Licensed Clinical Psychologist (Psy21522), an executive coach, author and radio show host with an expertise in psychological assessment, understanding individual, group and organizational psychology.


As a Psychologist, Dr. Gluss has been the Director of Psychosocial Services for a residential treatment center for the chronically mentally ill and taught graduate courses in Psychology, Stage Fright, Domestic Violence and Personality Disorders.  Dr. Gluss has provided substance abuse counseling for mentally ill parolees as well as taught and developed psychological programs for Attention Deficit and Learning Disabled Children and Adolescents.  


Dr. Gluss’ private practice focuses on Psychological Assessment (Neuropsychological, Biopsychosocial and Forensic), Executive Coaching, and Psychodynamic Psychotherapy.  His clinical experience addresses Chronic Illness, Mood / Anxiety Disorders, Eating Disorders and Obesity, Geriatric and Adolescent Psychology, LGBT Issues, Couples Therapy and Substance Abuse. 


Clinical Coordinator

Melissa Jobe comes to Concierge Detox from a career in advertising design with a background in the performing arts. As a creative director and designer, she has worked with a variety of clients in the pharmaceutical, ophthalmic, hospitality and entertainment industries. Melissa’s focus has been

cultivating and maintaining client relationships, and designing new strategies for ensuring client satisfaction. Melissa holds a BFA in Graphic Design from Louisiana State University.


hours of doctoral curriculum with a focus on business administration. Lisagaye has over twenty years' experience in the technology sector working in multiple human resource disciplines. Her specialties include client and employee engagement, executive coaching, and program development and management. 

Nutrition Expert

Lisa DeFazio, MS, RD is a leading nutrition expert in the media. She is a Master’s degree level Registered Dietitian, author and host who has been an expert for ABC, CBS, KTLA, TVGN, E!, and FOX. She has been quoted in over 100 media outlets including Details, Prevention, Woman's

Day, Redbook, Star, Us Weekly, Vogue, InTouch, HollywoodLife, Life & Style, Shape, and many more. She has hosted infomercials, satellite media tours, nutrition news segments, branded content, cooking videos and more.

Lisa teaches Concierge Detox clients about nutrition during detox and recovery. She shows clients how to prepare easy healthy meals that will nourish the body to heal and thrive during and after detox. Her book, "The Women's Health Big Book of Smoothies and Soups" (written with the editors of Women's Health Magazine, published by Rodale) is out now.  


Registered Psychologist Assistant

Ruth Gatt is a registered psychological assistant PSB 94023883 and doctoral student.  She earned her M.A. in clinical psychology at Fielding Graduate University, where she continues to pursue her Ph.D. She is currently writing her dissertation on prenatal distress, infant temperament and cognitive-emotional outcomes.  Ruth has worked in

substance abuse, inpatient psychiatric and private practice settings, providing individual and group psychotherapy and assessment services. Ruth is passionate about supporting others in reaching their recovery goals by helping to identify and address underlying mental health needs.


Licensed Massage Therapist

Josh Gilbert is a Licensed Massage Therapist with over 10 years experience working with people from all walks of life. He believes in the benefits of massage to help keep the body moving and functioning as it should. His passion for helping people feel better and get back to

what they love doing motivates him to continue his education and career in bodywork and rehabilitation. He works with people of all fitness levels providing bodywork, massage and neuromuscular massage therapy as well as corrective exercises and massage techniques for self-maintenance.


Registered Nurse

Shannon Jackson Co-Founder and CEO of Grace Premier Enterprises Shannon Jackson RN, BSN, MAOM has served as a leading force in the healthcare industry for over 26 years. Having held various leadership positions in her field, Shannon’s commitment to delivering quality service exceeds far beyond healthcare.

With a zeal for uplifting people through leadership, coaching and public speaking, Shannon continues to inspire and train hundreds of individuals from multicultural backgrounds, to embrace new opportunities for leadership, and professional development. Shannon holds a Master’s degree in Business and Organizational Management, and has received several prestigious awards and certifications throughout her career.

As a proud Co-founder of Grace Premier Enterprises, Shannon conjoins her 26 years of leadership expertise and profound passion for quality care with the birth of her private concierge nursing company. Grace Premier offers a variety of nursing services while maintaining a “Spirit of Excellence” as the forefront of

its mission.


Sober Coach/Caregiver

Shanell Gates has occupied several roles within the industry, with a career in Healthcare spanning over 13 years. Her extensive background in case management, addiction coaching, and mental health has propelled her to various leadership roles within the home health industry. Shanell’s zeal for patient care and customer service is unmatched. Her commitment to constantly evolving the companion/client life experience is what motivates her as a sober coach and forward thinker.

Yoga and Stretch

Scarlett Leigh Redmond is a Los Angeles-based Yoga & Stretch Teacher with a special interest in Restorative & Mobility Techniques. She is passionate about the intrinsic connection between physical and emotional health, and  

uses each session as an

opportunity to help students sync their body, breath & mind in order to activate the relaxation response. Drawing from a versatile background in yoga, dance, and mobility techniques (Feldenkrais, Meyerhold’s Bio-Mechanics, Alexander Technique), Scarlett's gentle hands-on approach nurtures students while encouraging proper alignment. Certifications: 200 RYT, Restoratives 2, Chair Yoga, & PNF Stretch. In her daily life, Scarlett is a proud pup-mama to a scruffy terrier rescue

named Chester.


Physical Trainer

Growing up in a military family meant traveling and moving a lot. Chris Minor was born in Alaska and has lived in 8 different states. He grew up in a very active family and has 2 brothers, one older (Tom) and one younger (Isaac). Growing up with them meant a lot of sports which

made him very competitive. Chris saw the Crossfit Games on TV one day and decided to check it out. He would do his football workouts and then look at the WOD on the main site to finish strong. He has only been doing Crossfit competitively for 2 years but has been doing those main site workouts for 6 years now. He loves dogs, being outdoors, and working with people to help them achieve their goals. His dream is to one day own his own gym and to live closer to the beach wherever ever he is.





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