Initial Consultation

Our initial consultation is designed to assess the severity of our clients situation from both a psychological and medical perspective.

Psychological & Medical Evaluation

Once the initial consultation is complete, a more thorough psychological and medical evaluation will be performed.

From a medical perspective an intervention will be created to determine detox needs, medication evaluation, and nursing care.

From a psychological perspective interventions will be developed which may include psychological assessments, therapeutic interventions, and professional recommendations.

Program Development through the 

The Gluss Method®

The Gluss Method® For Long Term Recovery From Drugs and Alcohol redefines the concept of drug and alcohol rehabilitation. The program is tailored to each client, encompassing psychological, medical, nutritional, and nursing needs.

Program Evaluation

At regular intervals all professional and staff members will meet to evaluate the client's situation and progress.

Our Post-Detox Program is designed to help our client's transition to sobriety with individualized with therapeutic and concierge services.